Like many others, your home requires periodic temperature adjustments to reach the right mix of hot and cold. For this, you need both heating and cooling systems installed. These heating, ventilation, and cooling systems include air conditioners, heaters, and furnaces.

A homeowner using a mobile phone application to monitor and adjust the energy efficiency of their HVAC system

However, this comfort comes at a price.

Many Americans spend heavily on energy costs. It is estimated that Americans spend over External link opens in new tab or window$22 billion every year on air conditioning. In choosing home appliances, it is best to consider both their functionality and energy efficiency. Beyond this choice, you can adopt some tips for use to help you save on both energy and cost.

Wondering how you can save more and energy through best practices with your heating and cooling systems? This article is suited to you.

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

What makes a good HVAC system? A system that provides heating or cooling at the lowest energy consumption. These best practices combine to reward you with the most satisfying results.

    Make the right choice

    This a basic but crucial step. In purchasing a system, go for one that has the best scores and that’s the right size for your property. If your HVAC system is too small, performance will be unsatisfactory. This will be further compounded by increased energy costs.

    One size simply does not fit all.

      Go green

      Your HVAC choices can benefit both you and the environment. You can opt for a more sustainable means of ventilation and cooling. Check for awards and certifications from environmental agencies.

        Ensure regular checks

        As with other appliances and machines, it is a bright idea to have your HVAC system checked at regular intervals. Any issues are detected and solved to ensure optimal performance. A machine that performs optimally will consume a lot less energy.

          Ensure your air filters are clean

          Air filters clogged with dust are known to consume a lot more energy. Depending on where you live, regular cleaning is important. [External link opens in new tab or window1]


            Automated control helps to adjust the performance of HVAC equipment as appropriate. This may be applied to the speed, output, and run-time of your fans or compression motors. [External link opens in new tab or window2]

              Lessen the burden on your HVAC

              You may alter the design and your décor choices in a bid to conserve energy. If you desire a warmer room, you may increase the padding.

              In the end, your heater doesn’t have to work as hard and has lower energy consumption.

                Know when to let it go

                Home appliances have a lifespan and undergo the wear and tear of aging. An aged HVAC appliance will consume a lot more energy to compensate.

                It is important to know when to quit repairing and simply replace. 


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