A heat pump is a multipurpose piece of equipment that helps to cool or heat the interior of your house. The equipment helps to regulate the temperature inside your home and can also be used for heating water and swimming pools. For added expertise on these machines, there are several heat pump problems that you should note.
Some problems with heat pumps tend to be more common than others. Taking note of common issues helps you quickly identify the problem at hand. This also ensures you can take action quickly and restore temperature regulation functions without delay. A homeowner using a mobile phone application to monitor and adjust the energy efficiency of their HVAC system

Most Common Heat Pump Problems

There are four specific problems that tend to be commonly reported among people with heat pumps. By understanding what the most common issues are, you’ll find it easier to know what exactly is wrong and take appropriate action.

Here are the most common problems you may run into:

  • Failing to turn on: When the power button gives no response in your heat pump, it could be a sign that there is a loss of power. The breaker could be tripped, for example. It is also possible that the starter capacitor is broken, or there could be a problem with the thermostat. When the reversing valve is broken, you will also likely find that the heat pump won’t turn on.
  • No heat produced: If your heat pump turns on, but does not generate heat, then there is a possibility that the unit has a blockage. The air filter could also be dirty. In some cases, this issue is caused by a refrigerant charge that is too low.
  • No cooling: When the heat pump fails to provide cool air to the dedicated area, check the thermostat. There may be problems with the thermostat, or the refrigerant charge has become too low. Dirty components can also interfere with the heat pump's ability to transfer cool air.
  • Consistently running: If you find that the heat pump is running consistently, then it may be due to exceptionally cold weather outside. This may also be a sign of problems affecting your thermostat.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting a heat pump can sometimes be a little complex. It is important to start by considering the "symptoms." Is your heat pump turning on but not regulating air? Perhaps the heat pump won't turn off? There are many issues. First, consider the specific issue and then compare it to the guide we shared.

In the majority of cases, you will find that it is a better idea to call a professional. They have experience in quickly diagnosing a problem with your heat pump and can also suggest the best solution to fix the issue.


You depend on your heat pump to regulate internal air temperature or to heat up water. When heat pump problems develop, the function of the device may be inhibited. There are a few problems that seem to be more common. We outlined common issues to look out for and described the best fixes that can be utilized to restore normal functionality. Still have questions? Reach out to Omega Heating & Air at our website or call 404-438-0353!

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