A Guide to Heat Pump Repair

Oct 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

Your home’s heat pump isn’t just responsible for keeping you warm during the winter. It’s also responsible for cooling your home during the warmer months. Needless to say, heat pumps experience their fair share of wear and tear. It’s not recommended for homeowners to fix serious problems with their heat pumps, but some basic troubleshooting can help you diagnose and correct small issues.

A quick guide to heat pump repair and troubleshooting:

  • Signs of malfunction: Is the heat pump too hot or too cold, or not hot or cool enough? Is it not turning on? If so, there is likely a problem.
  • Press the reset button: If your heat pump has a reset button, try this first.
  • Check the breaker: If the heat pump doesn’t start, check the fuses and breaker box for any problems.
  • Remove debris from outside coil: Heat pumps that operate with short cycles may have a buildup of debris in the outside unit.
  • Balance the system: Are some rooms cooler or warmer than others? If yes, then your forced air distribution service may need balancing.
  • Clean or replace the filter: A dirty filter prevents your unit from working properly and can cause breakdowns.
  • Oil parts: There are parts on your heat pump that have the word “oil” on them. Lubricate these parts to keep them from wearing out prematurely.

Fortunately, there are professionals in the Atlanta metro area that understand all the intricacies of heat pumps. At Omega Heating & Air, we service all residential heating and cooling systems. Our team of licensed HVAC specialists come to your home to identify the problem and provide you with an accurate diagnosis and repair solutions.

Would you like to replace your HVAC system with a new heat pump system? Many homeowners throughout the Atlanta region enjoy the energy-efficiency of heat pumps. This “green” heating and cooling system regulates temperature better and lowers energy costs. Whether you need repairs for an existing heat pump or want to speak with a technician about how a heat pump system can work for you, call us today at 404-438-0353.