Common Air Conditioner Problems That You May Face

Aug 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

Recognize and address problems with your air conditioning and forced air heating in Hampton, GA, immediately to avoid further damage and costly service. Here are the most common heater and air conditioner problems in Hampton, GA.

Dirty Filter

Keeping a dirty filter can limit proper air exchange and can cause your equipment to struggle to cool down a room. A clogged filter is also a breeding ground for bacteria and spores that can cause respiratory issues among occupants. Ideally, you must replace your filters monthly for optimal air exchange.

Old and Brittle Wiring

Prevent electrocution and fire hazard by making sure that your wiring is in top condition. A reliable air conditioning service must install a breaker with the right capacity. Otherwise, you run the risk of tripping your circuits and damaging your AC or heating unit, which can lead to more expensive repairs or replacement.

Icy Coil

Your AC unit must be cold, but it should never have ice. If your AC unit is not cooling the room quickly enough and water is dripping on the sides or bottom, then open the plastic grills to see if your coil is icy. Thaw it and then inspect your filter to clean or replace it. If it doesn’t work, call an air conditioning service in Hampton, GA, to assist you.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Your AC unit has chemicals that help it work properly. A leak in the system can cause it to perform poorly, have low coolant levels, and eventually break down. Get your technician to refill the refrigerant or repair the leaks. Additionally, for old ACs, it might already be time to replace your coolant with a newer, more efficient type.

Non-AC Issues

Your technician can also advise you of a need to fix non-AC issues like window leaks and overcrowding of appliances. Windows must be sealed properly to maintain the temperature within the room. Also, crowded appliances can fool the thermostat and can cause the AC to run continuously.

Faulty Fan

All cooling and heating units require good working fans to prevent the compressor from overheating. Regularly maintain your systems for air conditioning and forced air heating in Hampton, GA, to prevent fans from breaking down.

Be attentive to your appliances’ performance to ensure longer and efficient use.