Factors That Impact the Cost of a New Furnace

Oct 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you’ve noticed that your furnace isn’t keeping up with the heating demand or you’re frequently in need of heating and air conditioning repair in McDonough, GA, you’ve probably determined that it’s time to purchase a new furnace. This is a big investment, so it’s important that you find the furnace that best meets your needs without blowing your budget. There are a few different considerations that factor into the cost of a new furnace, so here are some key things you’ll need to think about.


The size of your furnace impacts the overall cost, but it’s important to remember that the size also affects the comfort of your home and the cost of energy to run the furnace. While a smaller furnace will cost less than a larger furnace, you’ll often end up spending more on energy costs because it’s unable to heat your home efficiently. However, purchasing a furnace that’s too large will cost you extra money as well because the home will heat quickly, but the furnace won’t be able to cycle properly, so it will turn off and on more frequently and use more energy. That’s why it’s imperative to have your furnace properly sized by HVAC technicians to make sure you find one that’s perfectly sized to your home.


There are many different brands of furnaces, and some brands definitely have a track record of being higher quality than others. This may mean that you spend more for a name brand furnace, but the important thing to look at among brands is the features and overall quality of the furnace. The warranty will usually indicate how well the furnace has performed in the past, but make sure you’re paying for features and efficiency and not just a name.


Efficiency is a huge factor that plays into the overall cost of a furnace. Furnace efficiency is measured in Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE. This basically measures how much of the energy that’s used is converted into actual heat. That means that the higher the percentage of AFUE is, the less fuel you’re wasting. Almost any new furnace on the market today has a high AFUE rating, and the higher that rating is, the more you can expect to spend. A higher efficiency model will save you a lot on energy costs over the years.

Energy Source

The source of energy your furnace uses will affect both the initial price of the furnace and the cost of running it as well. Electric furnaces generally cost more to run, but they’re typically less expensive than other types of furnaces. On the other hand, gas furnaces are usually more expensive but cheaper to run. Electric furnaces can be a good option in areas with mild winters where it doesn’t have to run as frequently.


There are additional features you can think about, like a two-stage gas valve, variable-speed blowers, and a smart thermostat. These features can improve efficiency and simplify your life, but you’ll generally pay for these features, so it’s important to consider what’s important to you.


Finally, the installation will vary depending on the type of unit you purchase. Experienced technicians doing heating and cooling systems in McDonough, GA, may recommend additional measures to enhance your new energy efficient unit like replacing some ducts or sealing leaky ducts. Contact Omega Heating & Air today to find the best furnace for your needs.