Get Your AC Unit Ready for Summer

Oct 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

Is your home’s air-conditioning ready to do its job when summertime heat arrives? The best way to ensure uninterrupted service from your AC unit is to prepare it for summer now. A little maintenance goes a long way toward keeping your unit working well when temperatures soar, and the air-conditioning is put to task.

Here are 7 ways to prepare your AC for summer:

  1.    Replace dirty AC filters and continue to do this monthly.
  2.    Clean clogged condensation lines to avoid a mess and a big repair bill.
  3.    Remove dirt and debris from the coils on the outside unit.
  4.    Gently clean the fans on the outside unit to improve the unit’s performance.
  5.    Make sure the outside unit is level whether it’s attached to the house or on a concrete slab and make adjustments, if necessary.
  6.    Clean the ductwork and repair any leaks to improve airflow and keep your home cooler.
  7.    Schedule professional AC maintenance services to check for leaks, broken parts, and other small problems that can lead to expensive repairs.

At Omega Heating & Air, we have affordable solutions to keep you cool and comfortable in your home when summer heats up. Your home’s air conditioner is responsible for maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels, which means it’s working hard 24/7. Our team of licensed technicians wants to help you keep your AC unit working its best to prevent emergency repairs and to keep your energy costs lower. Whether you had nagging AC problems last year or just want to make sure your home’s unit is in its best condition, our team of heating and cooling specialists want to help.

Omega Heating & Air offers AC tune-ups, repairs, and new equipment installation. Our company offers 24/7 service, labor warranties, and more! To schedule a service call with one of our licensed and insured experts, call us today at (404) 438-0353.