How and When to Change Your Air Filter

Nov 10, 2016 | Uncategorized

You count on your furnace and air conditioner to keep you comfortable throughout the year. That’s why you need to perform the maintenance necessary to keep them running smoothly. One of the easiest and most effective maintenance tasks you can perform is the routine changing of the air filter. It’s also important to know how often you should change it. Omega Heating and Air, who offer HVAC service in Stockbridge, would like to answer this question for you as well as give you a brief overview of how to change your air filter.

How Often Should I Change It?

If you don’t change your air filter often enough your heating and air conditioning unit will not operate at its best. On the other hand, changing it too often will become an unnecessary expense and burden. A general rule of thumb, according to some manufacturers, is to change out the filters twice a month. For many, a bi-monthly change-out will prevent dirt buildup from causing problems or even damage to your HVAC unit. For others, twice a month might not be nearly enough. That’s because there are factors that can greatly affect the lifespan of each filter. For example, the amount of air pollution in certain locations can create a faster buildup of dirt in an air filter. Also, the amount of occupants in a home can also affect how dirty a filter gets. Pets can also contribute to the amount of buildup your filter has to take on. Lastly, the particular type of filter your HVAC system needs will also dictate how often you will need to change it.

For unoccupied- or rarely occupied homes, every 6 to 12 months is often enough for an air filter change.

For everyone else, try changing your filter according to the bi-monthly rule. Probably, from the very first change out, you will know whether a higher frequency of air filter changes will be necessary. By the second monthly change out you will most likely pick up on the trend and can then plan accordingly.

How Do I Change It?

The good news is that determining how often to change your air filter is probably more complicated than actually changing the air filter itself. Every air conditioner or furnace unit is different, but the filter changing procedure is much the same with all of them. Open the door to the HVAC unit and locate the filter. Many times it will be near the bottom, but not always. The key is to be aware of the air flow direction of the filter system. The filter itself should have an arrow on it that will indicate air flow direction. The general rule, as with many things, is to put the new part back exactly the way you found the used one.

Now that you have a little more knowledge about when and how to change your air filter, you should be able to do your part in making sure your heating and air conditioning are operating at maximum efficiency. Experts in furnace repair in Stockbridge, GA are also available to help you.