Now that spring has started, summer is just right around the corner. So, you'll likely rely on your AC more often to keep your home more comfortable. But, like any appliance, it's also susceptible to wear. So, you need to be sure that it's in good condition. Aside from scheduling a maintenance External link opens in new tab or windowHVAC service in Roswell, GA, here are some ways you can prepare it for the warmer season:

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Replace the Filters

The filter's main job is to prevent dust from blowing into your rooms. But, over time, it can start to accumulate. If it's too dirty, the airflow will be blocked, which will reduce the overall efficiency of the entire unit. Also, the debris will reach the evaporator coils and impair their heat-absorbing capacities. This can be a problem during summer since you won't get the most out of your AC.

To make sure that this doesn't happen, remember to replace the filters. Some types are reusable, so all you have to do is clean them properly with soapy water. Usually, they're found on the grill that faces the room.  

Maintain the Coils

The evaporator coils are crucial to keeping your unit running efficiently since they're responsible for absorbing heat from the air. But, they're also susceptible to accumulating dust. Even if you have clean filters, some can still reach them. The debris can insulate these components, preventing them from doing their job.

Minimize dirt by having them cleaned. If you didn't cover the coils up during the winter, you'd need to clear away debris before turning them on in the spring. Technicians recommend doing this annually, but you can always do it more than once a year, especially if it's outside because dried leaves can get stuck in between the components.

Clean the Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant lines are two copper tubes that connect the evaporator coils to the heat exchanger outside the house. They carry the cooling agent to the unit. Don't forget to clean them because they're also susceptible to accumulating dirt, which can decrease their efficiency.

While you're at it, check if your AC has the right amount of coolant in it. A common way to tell if it's low is when the unit starts blowing warm air. If it is, call a technician from a reliable air conditioning company to help you out because pouring the solution needs proper technique. 

Straighten the Fins

The fins on the rear side of your unit dissipate the heat from the condenser. When they're in good condition, the warm air can pass through easily. This makes the cooling process more efficient.

That said, condenser fins can bend easily. The heat won't escape properly. So, before summer starts, make sure to check them out.

Check the Ductwork

Houses equipped with a centralized AC system have ductwork systems. As long as you don't have any problems with the airflow coming from them, these components are likely to be in good condition. But, it won't hurt to check up on them to ensure that they don't have any damage to them. Preventative maintenance is the key to having an efficient unit for a long time.

These are just some ways you can prepare your AC for the warmer season. If you spot some issues in your unit, it's best to call a professional for help. Contact Omega Heating and Air in External link opens in new tab or windowRoswell, GA. Air conditioning repair and maintenance is their forte.