How to Prevent HVAC Breakdowns

Jan 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

If your heating or air conditioning systems break down, you’ll be tasked with investing hundreds of dollars into a replacement. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential to keep these vital comfort systems running for as long as possible. Heating and air conditioning repair in McDonough, GA, saves you money by preventing major issues that can be expensive to fix or replace.

The Solution

Heating and air repair by a qualified technician should involve a comprehensive check of all vulnerable components of your furnace, AC unit, air ducts, thermostat, and more. Overall, their goal is to keep your system running at peak performance, high efficiency, and low risk of failure. There are several components of a comprehensive inspection.

Thermostat Settings

A technician can install an advanced thermostat in your home, which will actually save you money by keeping you comfortable when you’re home and backing off on power usage while you’re away, effectively preventing overuse of your heater and AC. Thermostats are completely customizable, and your air conditioning repair technician can give you some starter instructions, as well as checking back on its communication with other components from time to time.

Electrical Connections

Your reliable technician should also inspect the electrical systems to your AC and furnace units. They will check for close connections and repair frayed or rusted connections, which prevents unsafe operation and breakdowns.


Your technician should also replace any disposable parts, including filters and fluids, when necessary. They will also check parts like the condensate drain and coils for degradation, then repair or replace these parts when necessary. Running on dirty or worn-out parts can lead to HVAC system breakdowns.


You should schedule heating and air conditioning repair in Mcdonough, GA, at least twice a year, preferably before the start of winter and before the start of summer.  Regular, effective HVAC services prolong the life of your systems and prevent early breakdowns. If you have questions or concerns about any component of your systems and feel it may not be working properly, fast repairs help prevent serious issues.