How You Can Find Credible Companies for HVAC Issues

Dec 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

Whether you need a brand new air conditioner installed, a furnace repaired, your ventilation system inspected, or some other HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) service, you will need to hire a good HVAC contractor from Stockbridge, GA. Expert knowledge and experience with these systems is required to service them effectively.

So when you research HVAC companies for your heating or cooling needs finding the best and most credible team will seem tough, especially in a current environment full of deceptive scams and unethical services. This is your guide to finding trustworthy, legitimate HVAC companies.

Find a Website

You should never hire a company without reading a bit of information about them. In fact, searching online for good HVAC service should be your first stop. A company’s website should show their direct contact information, address, service hours, and other legitimizing details.

But simply owning a website is not enough. Any scammer could have one. There is a bit more you will need to verify first, including:

·         Whether their employees are insured

·         If their technicians are all trained and certified

·         If they are experienced in their field

All of this information should be clearly listed on their website. The “About Us” and “Contact” tabs are good places to start. If you can find the above details, you should be in business.

Never Pay Up-Front

Sometimes scammers will reveal their true intentions to take your money without actually providing you any services in return. A good red flag that a supposed expert in heating and air conditioning is actually a professional scammer is an up-front demand for money. Whether they call it a “service deposit,” “reservation fee,” or “up-front consultation charge,” a scammer will likely collect your money and then disappear. If a service company requests payment sight unseen, break all contact with them.

To truly protect your finances, though, you should call an HVAC company and ask about their pricing and payment policy beforehand—that way you know what you are getting into.

Read Reviews

Of course, you could very well find a legitimate company offering HVAC repair only to find that their practices are unethical. Some signs of unprofessional, overpriced, or shoddy services include:

·         Refusal to clean up after their work

·         Blaming you for ineffective repairs

·         Upselling, or trying to charge you for more unnecessary services

·         Charging you for services they did not perform

·         Attempting to replace appliances and systems without evaluating them first

A great way to avoid facing these problems is to search online for company reviews before signing a contract. Reviews from other clients in the community are your clue to how a company operates and what the results of their work may be. Even better, if a company has excellent reviews, they may feature them on their own website.

There are plenty of HVAC companies in Stockbridge, GA, but the best way to find legitimate, credible, and high-quality service to keep your property comfortable is to follow the advice above. A credible company will offer you the services you need at a fair price and within a reasonable amount of time.