Reasons Why Your AC Is Causing a High Electric Bill

Oct 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

Now that winter is long over, it’s time to start running your air conditioner far more often. AC pulls sticky humidity from the air and helps you stay cool in the blazing hot days that are to come. People should expect to pay a reasonable amount to run their air conditioning, but these costs can get extreme.

High AC costs aren’t something that you just have to deal with. What could be the cause? There may be something wrong with your AC system. Here are some of the most common problems that air conditioning specialists find behind high utility costs.

Dirty Filters

AC filters are designed to catch debris that would otherwise clog up your air conditioner and make your indoor air potentially irritate your allergies. Debris can even restrict air flow and potentially damage certain components, like the coils. When this happens, your air conditioner has to work harder to produce the same amount of cool air, which makes it more expensive to run the system.

Dirty air filters are incapable of protecting your air conditioner and ducts from dust and other pollutants. That’s because they’ve reached capacity and can no longer trap pollutants in the air. Keep your filters clean and ask air conditioning installation experts how often you should expect to change out your filters for new, clean ones.

Duct Leaks

Air ducts are designed to be airtight so that they only release air where it needs to go: through your air vents. Air ducts connect to your air conditioner and, if you have a central air system, release cool air into every room. Leaky ducts don’t just deprive you of air, they make your air conditioner more expensive to run. In order to satisfy your thermostat’s temperature settings, your air conditioner will have to use up more costly energy to produce more cool air to make up for the fact that some of the air is leaking into your attic, or other places where it shouldn’t be released. You’ll have to hire an air conditioning specialist in McDonough to repair your leaky air ducts.

Poor Maintenance

Your air conditioner needs to be maintained at least once a year, preferably twice a year. Maintenance means inspecting the internal and external components of the air conditioner and checking for good, efficient operation. A professional AC technician can spot and repair problems like low refrigerant levels or degrading parts like the capacitor, which can make your air conditioner more expensive to run.

They can even determine if your air conditioner is too old and should be replaced. Running an old air conditioner can actually be far more expensive than running a new one. Newer systems have higher efficiency ratings and their parts degrade less quickly. If necessary, a maintenance team can actually replace your old appliance with a newer, better operating, and more efficient air conditioner.

So who should you call for maintenance? If you need any kind of air conditioning service in Mcdonough, contact Omega Heating and Air. Omega Heating and Air is your go-to resource for AC repair and maintenance. Contact them today!