Reasons You Should Buy an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Oct 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

Your HVAC system is key to your comfort, as it’s responsible for maintaining the climate inside your home. Not only does it regulate the temperature by keeping it within the desired range, but it also helps maintain the correct humidity and manage interior air quality. Though modern HVAC systems are relatively hassle-free and reliable, one thing that is required for proper operation of your air conditioning and heating in Conyers, GA, is regular maintenance performed by trained professional HVAC technicians.

While a seasonal check-up for your HVAC system is standard practice, some people fail to request preventive maintenance visits because they don’t want to pay for them. However, failure to perform maintenance can cost a homeowner even more in the long-term thanks to premature wear, suboptimal performance, and a failure to lubricate and inspect key components. Fortunately, homeowners can save money and get the heating and air conditioning services they need by purchasing an HVAC maintenance plan. There are many reasons that buying an HVAC maintenance plan is a wise decision for the savvy homeowner. Keep reading to learn a few of the reasons that you should buy a maintenance plan for your heating and cooling system.

You’ll Get a Discount

Your HVAC system must undergo regular maintenance to perform efficiently and to ensure a full-service life. Seasonal preventive maintenance calls can quickly mount to represent a considerable expense. However, by purchasing a maintenance plan, you can save money for something you were going to need anyway. Most heating and AC service providers give at least a 10% discount for those who purchase maintenance plans, which can add up over the service life of your system. There’s also the fact that when you purchase a maintenance plan, you lock in the price. That insulates you from price increases for basic services and helps you keep your HVAC maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.

It’s Convenient

For many homeowners, life moves at a rapid pace. Between work responsibilities, day-to-day tasks, and family life, many people struggle to remember things like scheduling HVAC maintenance appointments. That means that often those critical tasks fall down the list of priorities or are neglected altogether in the hustle and bustle. When you purchase an HVAC maintenance plan, however, your service calls are scheduled well in advance. You don’t necessarily need to remember to contact your maintenance provider, as your appointments will already be on the books.

Timely Maintenance

Because you put HVAC professionals in charge of your maintenance schedule, you won’t have to worry that your HVAC system has lapses in maintenance or missed inspections. The company you select will know when your system needs maintenance and can make recommendations that are tailored to your unit and system. That kind of timely maintenance is critical for your system, as it prevents premature wear on critical parts and extends the service life of your system. That will save you money in many ways, as parts can be replaced as they wear rather than after they fail. Also, because critical components are regularly cleaned and lubricated, they’ll last longer and perform better.

Greater Efficiency

When you have an HVAC maintenance plan, you’re more likely to have your system maintained at the proper intervals for optimal performance. When your system is running at its maximum efficiency, not only will it heat and cool more thoroughly, but it will also use less energy to do it. Boosting the energy efficiency of your HVAC system will produce significant savings on your utility bills.

Timely and thorough maintenance is a key factor in limiting the need for AC and heating repair in Conyers, GA. Buying an HVAC maintenance plan is wise because it saves you money and ensures that you’ll get the service your system needs to perform flawlessly and efficiently. To learn more reasons that you should buy an HVAC maintenance plan, contact Omega Heating & Air at (404) 438-0353.