The Essential Components of Your HVAC System

May 6, 2017 | Uncategorized

HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, are essential pieces of technology that keep you safe in cold or hot temperatures, help filter out allergens, and make your home a comfortable environment. These systems also happen to be highly complex, which is why Stockbridge HVAC experts are needed to maintain them for you, install components, tune them up, etc.

It’s helpful to have some basic knowledge about how these systems work and what the various components do. This article breaks down the basics of what your HVAC contractor knows: what the essential pieces of good HVAC are and how they work together.


The thermostat monitors the function of your heating and cooling appliances. It uses advanced technology to track and respond to the temperatures inside your property, then communicates directly with the units. If temperatures are too low, the heater will create warm air to deliver through your vents. Conversely, the air conditioner will create cool air and distribute it if the thermostat signals that it is too warm indoors. HVAC companies in Stockbridge, GA, will ideally install thermostats in high-traffic areas so that it can sense temperatures as the inhabitants feel them.


The furnace is the source of warm air on cold days. It is a freestanding unit that works to turn cool air into warm air, which it will then blow into your ventilation system. There are 2 common types of furnaces: single-stage furnaces and 2-stage furnaces. Both types will generate heat through one of several methods, including solar energy, heat pumps, gas combustion, electricity, or even burning coal.

Heat Exchanger

A vital component of a furnace, the heat exchanger pulls cool air into a heating unit, then blows it into the ventilation system. Think of it as the component that helps cycle air in and out of the unit.

Evaporator Coils

Also key pieces of a furnace, evaporator coils supply cool air and, like heat exchangers, cycle them in and out of the unit.

Condensing Unit

Condensing units are freestanding machines that cool air. They use compression and condensation via evaporator coils to turn hot air into cool, comfortable air, which is then sent into the ventilation system. There are many types of condensing units. Regular HVAC service is needed to ensure all of the delicate components of these air conditioning machines are in working order.


Ducts transfer cool or hot air throughout your home. Usually made of aluminum, which is lightweight but non-porous, they typically run through the floor or ceiling and access every major room of a structure.


These pieces are necessary for proper ventilation. These openings in the ductwork allow warm or cool air to escape only where they are needed: essentially, where the air can efficiently change the temperature of the room. They have angled slats to direct air in the ideal direction for maximum comfort.

This information can help you determine if you need HVAC repair services. All of the above components must work together in order to cool or warm air quickly, efficiently, and without side-effects like foul odors or excessive noise. Stockbridge HVAC technicians can assist you to ensure your home or business is at a comfortable temperature.