Having to deal with any type of HVAC issue can be stressful. A struggle that homeowners face when dealing with an HVAC issue is knowing whether it requires emergency work on their system. It’s important to recognize when an emergency repair is needed so you are able to keep you and members of your household safe in any situation. Here are some guidelines to help you determine the severity of your HVAC situation.

Factors to Consider

When it comes to our heating and cooling, one of the most important considerations is the weather. While AC and heater problems may not be as urgent on a mild day, having to wait out a heatwave or below freezing temperatures is an entirely different situation.

Also be sure to evaluate the potential risks of the problem. Some are minor issues that can addressed within a few days while others can lead to potentially life-threatening situations and should be handled immediately.

Signs You Have an HVAC Emergency

There are plenty to look out for that can clue you in on whether you should call in professionals.

Odd Smells

Smelling something off in your home should immediately signal your attention. If something smells like it is burning this could indicate an electrical problem which could turn into a fire hazard. A rotten egg smell can be a sign of a gas leak. Be conscious of these changes in your home and if you notice them, evacuate and call for professional help right away.

Limited to No Airflow

Being able to properly heat or cool a home is one of the key ways to keep those living in it comfortable. When this is disrupted, not only do people get upset, but it can also lead to serious health issues. You never want to be too hot or too cold especially if you’re in a vulnerable population.


Puddles, steam, or leaks are not a good sign. This indicates that you may have a broken boiler which is a problem that should be taken care of right away. If this isn’t addressed, you could be dealing with major water damage in your home.

Concerning Sounds

Any kind of abnormal noise should be promptly investigated. This ranges to anything from popping or buzzing which can signify an electrical problem to loud, screeching noises which can represent high pressure in your unit. You will want to call someone in as quickly as possible to shut off the system and make repairs.

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