4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Furnace

Nov 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

Now that the seasons are changing, you’ll come to rely on your heating system daily. If it won’t get warm in your home, you’ll need a furnace repair expert. But how do you know if repairs are even a good idea, or if it’s time for an upgrade? Here are four signs an upgrade is a better idea.

Frequent Repairs

All appliances need repairs occasionally, whether that’s replacing a belt or another part that has worn down. In general, your appliance should work properly without needing to be fixed. Frequent repairs are a sign that your furnace is nearing the end of its life. Instead of spending a lot of money on repairs, you may want to upgrade. If your technician has to come out several times for the same problem or your furnace requires several visits in one season, you’re wasting your money.

How do you know whether you should pay for repairs or upgrade? A good rule of thumb is to limit the repair costs to half the cost of a new heater. If you’ve already spent close to that amount and are looking at additional repairs, you should probably pay for a new furnace instead.

High Utility Bills

Older appliances aren’t as energy-efficient as new ones. One of the signs that your heating system is getting old is an increase in your energy bills. If you haven’t made any other changes but you’re paying more for utilities than last year, your heating system could be at fault. Over time, it won’t run as efficiently. To make a difference with your heating bill until you can upgrade, you can optimize your insulation by adding weather stripping to your doors and windows.

Weird Noises

Odd noises from an appliance are always an indicator that something is wrong. If your heater is making banging noises, it’s likely that an internal component has loosened or disconnected. On the other hand, a squealing noise could indicate that the belt is worn. You should never ignore noises coming from you furnace, because if you don’t get it repaired, it may damage your heating system even further.

Temperature Issues

Your heater’s job is to keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable level. If it’s not doing that reliably, then you’ll want to call an expert in furnace repair in Stockbridge, GA. There are several possible causes for a heater that’s not working. It may be that your thermostat is broken, which is a cheaper replacement than upgrading your entire heating system. If one room is warming up and not others, there might be a problem with your ductwork or vents.