5 Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems That Need Repair

Nov 2, 2016 | Uncategorized

Your heater and air conditioner keep you comfortable indoors so you can sleep soundly, concentrate while you work, and not freeze every time you step out of the shower. It’s important to maintain these systems so that they can continue to work for you. While there is little that the average business owner or homeowner has the time and experience to do on their own, you can always hire professional air conditioning repair in Stockbridge for any cooling problems. These professionals can also assist with any heating problems your home or business may face.

Consider this article your go-to troubleshooting guide. Are your heating and air conditioning in Stockbridge experiencing any of the following problems? If so, then you should contact repair experts right away.

Wiring Problems

Outworn, poorly installed, or uncertified wiring are major fire risks. If your system seems to have trouble turning on or operating at full strength, then bad wiring may be to blame. Have the wiring replaced before it starts an electrical fire or trip your circuit breakers.

Fluid Problems

Refrigerant, oils, and other fluids associated with your air conditioner or heater are vital to all processes these machines perform. Without them—or if they become soiled—your A/C and heater will either fail to run or deteriorate as they run. Leaks and especially noisy machines are common signs that fluids may need to be replaced.

A/C Fan Not Turning

The fan in your air conditioner is actually not responsible for cooling or distributing air. It is actually responsible for moving warm indoor air to the outdoors. Without it, heat transfer will not occur and the system may overheat in reaction to the climbing indoor temperatures. Have your A/C fan inspected right away if this happens.

Unit Fails to Turn On

If your heater or air conditioner is unresponsive to your thermostat, there is usually a clear reason why. For the most part, it is unlikely that your system simply broke overnight. Power or connectivity issues, thermostat problems, or a simple part failure without an air conditioner or heater may be to blame. Contact A/C and heating repair in Stockbridge, GA, right away to return to a comfortable indoor temperature.

Frozen Coils

Air conditioner coils are essential for cooling air before it enters your home or business. If this coil freezes, then airflow problems may be to blame. If something is choking your ductwork or clogging your filters, then the coil may soon freeze. Repair technicians will need to repair or replace the coil once they improve the airflow to your air conditioner. Look for a system that does not blow cool air—this is a sign of a frozen coil.

Experts in heating and air conditioning in Stockbridge can assist you with any of the above problems and a wide variety of others. Whatever heating or cooling issues you may have, experts can find a solution.