AC Noises that Should Concern You

Jun 21, 2022 | Air Conditioning

We all know when the AC is running well and are used to the hum of the motors and engines cooling our home. Sometimes we’ll hear strange noises here or there and brush them off, thinking that it all comes with running the air conditioner. However, not all noises are normal and there are plenty that should clue you in to the fact that something is wrong with the unit. These are some common noises that should concern you if you hear them from your air conditioner.

Banging Noises

It is not normal to hear banging, clattering, or rattling coming from your AC. This can signal that there are components in your unit is loose or that your unit is on its last leg. If you hear these sorts of noises, the best way to tackle the issue is to turn it off right away and get in touch with a professional to come identify the problem.

Water Dripping Noises

Water can mean that some part of your air conditioning unit is leaking. If it comes with a hissing noise, try checking your refrigerant to see if there’s any issues with the airflow there. Leaks can also be caused by clogs somewhere in the system and come with gurgling or other water sounds.

Clicking Noises

Clicks can be common when you are turning your unit on or off but should only be part of the powering down or powering up process. Any sort of continuous clicking noise needs to be checked out. Rapid firing of multiple clicks in a row can indicate a problem with the electrical. These can be dangerous to fix on your own so make sure to call someone who knows what they’re doing.

Screeching Noises

If something isn’t sitting right in your AC unit, you’ll be the first to know. When there are parts that have become misaligned, you may hear a screeching or squealing sound that hurts your ears. When this happens, turn off your unit right away. This indicates that there may be a pressure buildup in the unit and that your sensor is faulty and not able to shut it down for you.

Buzzing Noises

Buzzing usually signals some sort of electrical issue with the air conditioner. A lot of times this sound can result from some sort of malfunction with the motors or the wiring. Handling electrical issues yourself is dangerous because they come with a risk of fire. This is why calling in an expert will save you trouble down the road and prevent the damage from getting worse.

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