How to Clean AC Coils

Apr 22, 2021 | Air Conditioning, HVAC Maintenance

Despite being important, these ‘secret’ components are often overlooked or completely forgotten during your regular ac maintenance.A/C Maintenance

You could say this is because they are out of sight, stored within the system cabinet – out of sight out of mind, right? Certainly wrong here.

As dust and grime accumulate over a period, forming a blanket of dirt over them, it will impede the heat transfer going on between the coils, thereby reducing the efficiency of the AC altogether. This often results in a costly problem.

Fortunately, cleaning the AC coil is a relatively easy task, as the biggest challenge is remembering that they’re there while performing AC maintenance.

The following are some basic tips on how to clean AC coils –

1.     Safety first

Start by turning off the AC at the thermostat and shutting off the power to the condensing unit, to eliminate the risk of electrocution. After all, your safety is most important!

Proceed to unscrew the fasteners and panels. Ensure you keep the nuts and bolts safe to ensure they don’t get lost.

2.     Check for debris

Thoroughly inspect the coils for any debris such as leaves and other clumps of dirt. If the buildup isn’t too much, it can simply be blown off with compressed air, but if it is, remove the larger clusters by hand. Then dust off the remaining with a coil brush or a brush with slightly hard bristles. Gently guide the brush parallel to the fin to avoid bending and damaging them.

3.     Rinse the coils

Spray the coils with a garden hose to rinse them and wash with a commercial foaming cleanser. Do this by spraying it directly on the coils until they’re completely covered in foam.

Ensure that the cleanser seeps into the hard-to-reach spots of the coils where most grime has accumulated, especially in-between the fins.  Let it sit for as long as the instruction on the product states, and allow the foam and debris to drain away or rinse it off using a hose with good water pressure if the cleanser specifies.

A mild detergent and water can also be used. This is just as effective as a cleanser depending on the amount of dirt accumulated. Mix the detergent and the water. Go ahead and spray the solution on the coils and let it soak to loosen the debris for a few minutes. Then, proceed to wipe or brush away the dirt.

Finally, if the coils are soiled beyond your capacity to effectively clean, then you might want to reach out to a professional.

They can effectively assess the job and apply the correct equipment and training to clean the coils and restore the air conditioner to shape before the damage gets worse.

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