How to Increase the Efficiency of Your HVAC

Feb 8, 2018 | Uncategorized

If you’ve ever owned a home or run a small business, you know how expensive HVAC systems can be. Based on data from the U.S. Department of Energy, 40-60% of the total energy consumed in buildings is from the heating and air conditioning. Since HVAC systems are such a huge part of a family or small business’s budget, you’d think people would do more to cut down on their costs. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to take the sting out of your monthly power bill.

Hire a Professional to Conduct an Audit

Before looking at ways to improve your HVAC’s efficiency, place a call to a company that specializes in HVAC repair in Stockbridge, and ask them to come out and look at your system and request a quote. A professional can let you know if something is dreadfully wrong, and they’ll also be familiar with any easy upgrades you could purchase before you go any further.

Purchase an Economizer

HVACs can be incredibly inefficient. One of the problems with most A/C systems, is they cool the outside air whether it needs it or not. When it’s cool outside, economizers use the cooler outside air to its advantage, skipping the cooling process altogether, using only the energy required to circulate the air throughout the building. Economizers used in homes or businesses can cut energy costs by up to 30%.

Controls and Thermostats

Modern controls give the user or homeowner the ability to customize the HVAC to their needs. By being able to program thermostats to change the settings depending on the time of day, or equip them with occupancy sensors to avoid heating or cooling empty rooms, you can dedicate your energy budget to where it’s needed most, and get the most out of your equipment.

Update Your Insulation

Insulation has long been considered a valuable part of increasing energy efficiency, but there’s always room for more. Insulation breaks down, cracks form in corners, on roofs, and around windows and doors. Hire a reliable heating company in Stockbridge like Omega Heating & Air, and see what changes you can make to update your home or business’ insulation.

Install Window Film

People commonly underestimate the impact of solar heat streaming through the windows. It’s estimated that a full 30% of the average building’s cooling load is due to heat coming through the windows. Installing window film absorbs the heat and reflects it back to the outside, keeping up to 80% from ever getting inside.

These are just a few of the many steps you can take to increase your HVAC’s efficiency. Changes like these are fairly simple, but can make a world of difference.