Prepping Your AC Unit for Summer

May 23, 2022 | Air Conditioning

When those first hot days of summer start to arrive, the first thing many of us dash for is our air conditioner. Oftentimes, our units have been left completely untouched for many months before they see action again which is why it is highly recommended to get some maintenance work in ahead of time. This prevents you from dealing with any machine malfunctions when you’re in need of cool air.

Safety Prep

Before you begin any work on your unit, be sure to turn off the circuit breaker. This will ensure that the unit is safe for you to look over. To power it off, look for the service panel that supplies energy to the condenser. You should be able to find a level, a fuse, or a circuit breaker to turn off as well.

Clean and Clear

One of the most important parts of doing a full AC check is to clean out different components of the unit and clear out any debris that is there.

The first part to tackle is the filters. Filters play an important role in separating dust, debris, and other contaminants out before the air is run through the unit. These can easily become clogged and start to look dusty and dirty. When this happens, air flow becomes more restricted, and it ends up lowering the efficiency of your air conditioner. Make it a regular habit to check the filters and either clean or replace them at least twice a year.

The condenser coils and fan also need to be cleared of debris. If you kept your unit covered throughout the winter, you’ll likely have less to clear away. Otherwise, you’ll probably have a good-sized pile of leaves, dirt, and any other yard debris to manage. Check for clogs and use a soft brush to clean what you can.

Finally, you’ll want to do an overall cleaning throughout the area. This includes the base of the condenser, any drains, the blades on the fan, and the inside and outside of the unit. You want to ensure everything is dry and that there aren’t objects that can get caught up in the unit later on.


The coolant is a very important part of the air conditioning unit that helps cool down the air that enters that home. The coolant travels through pipes in the unit that are covered with an insulation that keeps the coolant well-protected. You’ll want to give this area a onceover as well and replace any insulation sleeves that are starting to tear.


Once you’ve completed your cleaning, your clearing, and your checking you can turn the power back on and test your unit. Once your unit is turned on, you can switch your thermostat to the cool setting and see if it is functioning properly. If something seems wrong, turn your unit off and try to pinpoint the issue. Calling in a professional can be helpful at this stage or with the overall maintenance check.

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