Should I Turn Off My Air Conditioner?

Jul 26, 2022 | Air Conditioning

With summer in full swing, your AC has probably been putting in the work to keep your home cool. This may be noticeable when you step back into your house after being out on a hot day or even on your utility bill. You may wonder if it’s a good idea to turn it off if its not in use or if turning it on and off is bad for the unit. We’re here to answer those questions and help you figure out once and for all how to handle your AC.

Turning Off the Air Conditioner

While it may seem easy to flip a switch to turn off your AC, the concept behind it is not quite as straightforward. Air conditioners require a lot of energy to power on and off and they are designed to be efficient with cooling your home when it is being used at full speed. Continuously turning your air conditioner on and off can cause strain on the unit and cause premature problems to occur. This could mean the need for multiple repair services or any a complete replacement.

When to Turn Off an Air Conditioner

So, are there situations where you can turn your air conditioner off? There are certain situations where it makes sense to have your unit off. For example, there are often days during the spring where we keep our windows open to let in a cool breeze and to introduce fresh air into your home. In these instances, it’s better to keep your unit off to prevent wasting energy and spending more on unnecessary AC usage.

Other situations that justify turning off the AC? If you plan to be gone for extended periods of time, it’s okay to leave your unit off to save money especially since you aren’t physically planning on being in your home and using it. When the weather is nice, and you have no use for it. Just remember that the AC also plays a role in dehumidifying the home as well which can prevent moisture retention and the problems that come with it.

When to Keep the Air Conditioner On

There are also situations where it might make sense to turn the unit off, but it’s actually recommended to adjust the air conditioner instead. If it’s gotten too cold inside your house, don’t flip to the “off” setting. Instead, adjust the temperature and your home will naturally warm up a bit on its own. If you only plan to be away for a couple of hours, it’s also a better idea just to leave a unit on rather than turning it off. This will end up saving you more money.

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