What Is Involved in HVAC Maintenance?

Jun 15, 2021 | HVAC Maintenance

Everyone loves the comfort that their heating and air conditioning appliances provide. They allow families to be cool during the summer and warm during the winter. However, considering how constantly homeowners operate them, breakdowns are relatively common, forcing HVAC repair services.

A/C Maintenance

The good news is, by opting for HVAC maintenance services, you can prevent unexpected malfunctions, save money, and, most importantly, stay comfortable all year round.

To give you a better understanding of how vital these services are, we will tell you what is involved in HVAC maintenance.

What Is Involved in HVAC Maintenance?

There are specific procedures that a regular HVAC examination should have, as explained below.

Fan Assessment

This involves checking the blade and motor on the fan to ensure that they are not damaged.

Thermostat Setting Assessment

Ideally, your thermostat settings should work to keep your space comfortable when you are at home and adjust when you are not around to conserve energy. The assessment also involves recalibration if the thermostat is found to be out of sync.

Condensation Drain Assessment

This inspection checks your air conditioner’s condensate drain to ensure that it isn’t obstructed or clogged, preventing your home’s humidity from being adequately filtered.

Electrical Connection Check

This check looks at the voltage and current reading to ensure that your electrical connections are snug. It also involves tightening any loose connections detected.

Outdoor Unit Inspection

HVAC maintenance doesn’t just look at what’s going on inside your home. The test also ensures that the area around your outdoor unit is free of dirt and debris.

Air Filter Replacement

Your air filters will be replaced to maintain optimal airflow and perfect air quality.


This is done to reduce resistance, helping you save energy in the process.

General Operation Assessment

In this test, the HVAC technician confirms that your entire system starts, runs, and shuts off correctly.

System Control Check

Your HVAC system controls are inspected to ensure that they are functioning correctly and safely.

Refrigerant Check

The technician will check to ensure that the refrigerant levels are perfect, safeguarding your AC’s efficient operation.

Assessment of Heating Elements

Your oil or gas connections will be cleaned to ensure safe operation, removing any blemishes and repairing any leaks.

Coil Cleaning

The technician will clean the coils on the condenser and evaporator, helping your HVAC unit operate more efficiently and increase its lifespan.

Blower Maintenance

During routine maintenance, the blower assembly is cleaned and the components adjusted accordingly to help maintain proper airflow.

Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance Services

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