What to Do if Your Heating Fails

Feb 18, 2021 | Furnaces, HVAC Maintenance

One of the most significant issues that can arise during the winter months is the heating failing. With heating broken, it can become challenging to stay warm during the winters, especially in areas where the winter season is incredibly harsh. The most important thing to do is to call a professional for central heating repair.

However, before doing so, it’s essential to make a few checks that allow you to determine whether the system stopped working for a fundamental reason. After checking for all the signs, you can proceed to call a mechanic.

Check the Power Switch

Many heating systems feature a furnace that’s usually very easy to switch on and off accidentally. Most people use the furnace room for additional storage, so it’s common for the heating to be switched off accidentally.

It might seem redundant, but it never hurts to check and can help save you an embarrassing moment when you call the professional.

See If the Power Is On

While it’s significantly easier to notice the power going out at night, it’s possible not to notice during the day. If you notice the furnace stops working abruptly during the day, check if other electrical appliances near you are working.

Check the Fusebox

Once you open up the house’s electrical panel, check to see if any of the breakers have tripped. If you haven’t done so before, one of the best ideas is to label the circuits according to what part of the house they control. That way, you can know beforehand which fuse is going to powering the furnace. If the breaker that controls the furnace has tripped, try switching it on again.

If turning the breaker on fixes the problem, then that saves you from calling a professional. However, if the breaker trips again, that may indicate a problem with the house’s electrical wiring.

Adjust the Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can cause a number of issues and may lead to your heating system not working correctly. If the furnace stops working suddenly, go check the thermostat to see what it’s saying. Try raising the temperature by a few degrees and see if that makes a difference. If the furnace turns on, that indicates a faulty thermostat. Fixing a defective thermostat could be a matter of replacing the batteries or repairing wiring.

Call a Professional

After running all the checks, you’ve gone through basically every fundamental issue that could stop your home’s heating system from working. If your furnace still isn’t working, it’s time to call for a central heating repair professional.

Calling a professional at the proper time can help you save a significant amount of money. Even if one of the above checks manages to fix your thermostat, it’s a good idea to call a professional for maintenance. Regular maintenance and service checks can help ensure that the furnace will never turn off when you need it most. Even if it does, you’re more than prepared to handle the situation.

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