What to Know about Covering Your AC Unit in Winter

Oct 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

Everyone enjoys the refreshing comfort of heating and cooling services. Just as you look forward to coming into a cool room after a long day out in the sunshine, chances are you’re gearing up for getting nice and cozy with the heat on this winter. As the colder weather fast approaches, it’s important that you think not only about your heater, but also about your air conditioner. Although you probably won’t be using your air-conditioning unit when it’s cold outside, you do need to remember to take care to properly maintain this system. This includes covering your unit during the coldest stretch of the year. Here’s what you need to know about carefully covering your AC unit this winter.

Find a Breathable Material

First things first, the whole point of covering your AC unit in the winter is to protect from debris and damage. Falling leaves, snow, and ice can wreak havoc on your AC unit if it’s left unprotected. In order to protect it, you want to choose a breathable material. Common materials used for covers are polyester and vinyl. Plastic isn’t ideal, as this material doesn’t breathe and would trap moisture inside. Being careful with what you use to cover your AC unit is key to keeping your system up and running for years to come.

Use Wood as Coverage

There’s hardly anything more fitting for covering your AC unit than plywood. This is a strong enough material that can be placed over the top of your AC unit to keep snow and ice out. You can use bricks and rocks to weigh the plywood down and keep it sturdy. It also helps if you have a wood awning or wood shelter attached to your home to provide more coverage of your AC unit. Just a simple internet search can give you some inspiration as to what shelters you can build for your AC unit. Flying debris can damage the sensitive fins of your air-conditioning coils, but if you have plywood covering the top, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of such damage.

Get Smart with Your Gardening

Another way to add more protection for your AC unit is to put your plants in a prime position. By planting shrubs to surround the unit, you can add an element of protection from the winter elements, such as wind and blowing snow. Of course you need to ask your trusted experts for air-conditioning service in Roswell, GA, about airflow clearance so that you can make sure your AC unit still works well in the summer. Not only are nearby plants good for your AC unit in the winter, but this added greenery also helps throughout the other seasons too.

Ask Your AC Technicians for Help

While there are certainly things you can do yourself as a homeowner to cover your AC unit and provide adequate protection, it’s never a bad thing to ask the experts for their suggestions too. You can rely on the air-conditioning professionals to provide quality assistance and solutions for you as you aim to prepare your AC unit for winter. If you take the right steps now to protect your AC unit from winter weather, then you can avoid the costs of air-conditioning repair or new AC installation down the road.

If you’re ready to provide proper protection and coverage for your AC unit this winter, contact Omega Heating & Air for professional assistance and expertise.