Everything You Need to Know About Creating an AC Maintenance Checklist

Apr 25, 2023 | Air Conditioning

The last thing you want in 90-degree weather is a broken air conditioner. While in the sweltering heat, it’s easy to forget about maintaining your AC. That’s why having an AC maintenance checklist is so important. Here are some tips for creating an effective and thorough checklist that will help keep your unit running efficiently all year round.

1. Clean or Replace the Filter

Cleaning or replacing the filter at least once a month is essential for keeping your AC running correctly. Neglecting this means that dirt and dust particles can build up on the filter, making it harder for air to pass through and reducing your AC’s performance.

Be sure to keep an extra filter handy so you can easily swap it out when necessary.

2. Clean the Condenser and Compressor

The condenser is responsible for removing heat from the air and pushing that air into your home. But a clogged condenser will reduce the unit’s efficiency and make it more difficult for it to cool down your home. In the comfort of your own home, the last thing you want is the sweltering heat.

A compressor is what runs the refrigerant, which is necessary for cooling the air. These parts of your system should be inspected and cleaned every year by a professional technician. They will ensure that all of its components are working correctly and free from debris.

3. Refrigerant Tubing and Levels

Efficient cooling relies on the proper refrigerant levels. If these levels are too low, it could mean that your AC is leaking and needs to be fixed.

And if the tubing is not sealed properly, it could lead to a decrease in air pressure and an increase in energy usage. Having your technician check the refrigerant levels and tubing every year can help reduce these risks and leave you cool all summer long.

4. Drain Pans

Drain pans are responsible for catching condensation and helping prevent water damage to your unit. Without them, moisture can accumulate and eventually find its way into the air ducts or other parts of your system.

Keep up with the regular AC maintenance checklist by having the pans cleaned and inspected every year. And in turn, rest easy knowing that your unit and home are well protected.

5. Ductwork

Finally, you should have a professional inspect the ductwork of your system at least once a year. Doing this is ensuring that air is flowing correctly and that no blockages are present in the ducts.

Creating and adhering to an AC maintenance checklist is essential for keeping your unit running correctly all year round. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your system will remain efficient and reliable in the future.

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