How Efficient is Gas Home Heating in Georgia?

Apr 11, 2023 | HVAC System

With Georgia experiencing the negatives during the unforgiving winter months, gas home heating is a luxury many Georgia homeowners begin to ponder. Between gas stoves and gas fireplaces, gas heating can provide warmth and comfort for any family.

But how efficient is gas heating in the state of Georgia? And is it worth the switch for your home?

Benefits of a Gas-Heated Home

Besides the cozy warmth you can experience, gas-heated homes provide an array of other benefits that exceed that of an electric heated home.

Energy Efficiency

Have you ever had the luxury of boasting to your friends about how quickly and efficiently your gas heater heats your entire house? Gas heating is a much more efficient way to heat your home, as gas-powered devices are often able to heat up faster than their electric counterparts.

So if the chilly weather is upon you in the blink of an eye, you won’t have to wait hours for the warmth of gas heating with the help of an energy-efficient heating system.

Lower Cost

Gas heating may be cheaper in the long run compared to electric heating systems. And since natural gas is a cost-efficient form of energy, gas-heated homes tend to be cheaper than electric homes. It was reported that natural gas heat costs about 75% of the price of electric heat over a year for a home. Ready to experience the bargain yourself?

Drawbacks of Gas Home Heating in Georgia

The drawbacks are few and far between, but gas home heating can come with its own set of problems. For example:

Costly Repairs

If gas-powered appliances break down, the cost to repair them can be much higher than electric-powered appliances. There are a variety of reasons that back this but the main ones include the following requirements:

  • Gas lines and gas-specific repairs
  • Gas repair expert

Because it’s a niche form of energy, gas repair prices exceed the normal electricity repairs.

Health Risks

In the wrong hands, gas appliances can be dangerous and cause gas leaks that are hazardous to you and your family’s health. This can include risks such as carbon monoxide which is extremely harmful and causes severe long-term health issues.

This is why testing for gas heating in Georgia is not something to be taken lightly—it should be a priority. Plus, testing the efficiency of your gas can be the difference between a gas bill that’s manageable and one that isn’t.

Make the Switch with Omega Heating & Air

At Omega Heating & Air, we understand how important it is to keep your gas home heating system safe and efficient. With our expertise, you can stay cozied up in your gas-heated home this winter, worry-free.

Our team of gas repair experts can determine the efficiency of your gas system and make any necessary repairs to make sure you’re not racking up an unnecessarily high gas bill. Start protecting your gas home heating system in Georgia today with Omega Heating & Air!